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    When trying to connect to a wireless network, after saying Checking network requirements for a while, Windows 8.1 says:

    Can’t connect to this network

    What I’ve found is that this is probably because you have a saved network with the same name, but with different settings saved against it. To fix the Can’t connect to this network error:

    1. Click Close
    2. Click View connection settings
    3. Click Manage known networks
    4. Select your network
    5. Click Forget network

    If Windows 8.1 is still saying that it Can’t connect to this network, leave a reply on the forum.


    Folders show as drive icons within a folder structure if those folders are mount points for drives. Open up Disk Management and you’ll be able to see a list of these disks that are mounted into the folder structure.

    in reply to: How To Migrate The Trend Micro Control Manager Database #495

    When I run the SQL 2008 R2 Upgrade Advisor prior to migrating the Trend Micro Control Manager database, I get Column Aliases In ORDER BY Claus Cannot Be Prefixed By Table Alias.

    Is it safe to continue migrating the database with this error?

    in reply to: bbPress Forgets That You Are Logged In #459

    This is actually because of caching. You might have a caching plugin or perhaps you are using CloudFlare or some other caching on the server that is caching the page as not logged on and not displaying that you are logged on.

    You can confirm this by logging in, clicking on another page (displaying that you are logged out), then pressing Ctrl + F5 to request an uncached version of the page.

    in reply to: iFind.exe High CPU Usage #344

    iFind.exe is the CommVault Simpana backup utility’s iData Agent process for the discovery phase of the backup. iFind.exe basically creates a list of files for the iData agent to back up.

    According to CommVault, it’s normal for the iFind.exe process to have high CPU usage.

    That being said, it is possible to reduce the CPU usage by ensuring that the iData Agent only has 1 read thread (set in the backup settings for the iData agent).

    The antivirus program can also cause the iFind.exe process to have high CPU usage if it is scanning the files that should be excluded (check CommVaults exclusion recommendations) or scanning the iFind.exe process itself.

    If a backup is not currently happening on the server and there’s still high CPU usage, the iFind.exe process may have hung, in which case you need to kill it.

    in reply to: What's The Difference Between Generic And Branded RAM? #333

    Well the first difference between generic and branded RAM is the price, as you eluded to. Personally, I would never buy generic RAM again.

    There is no performance difference, but branded RAM is more reliable because the build quality is better. Also, companies that make motherboards test their systems with branded RAM. This is because, when testing you don’t want to encounter an error and spend lots of time troubleshooting it only to find out that it’s not your product that’s erroring. Also, branded RAM sells more, so there’s more chance that the companies making motherboards will have to work with the brand. Often motherboard companies will recommend particular models and brands of RAM, because they have done testing with them. Hence, once more branded RAM is more reliable.

    in reply to: AMD CrossFire Not Showing Up In Catalyst Control Center #329

    AMD CrossFire will only show up in the CCC if you are using an AMD CrossFire certified motherboard and power supply.

    Other reasons that may cause the AMD CrossFire option not to show up in the CCC is if:

    • Your power supply cable is not connected to the graphics cards – each graphics card requires its own external power šŸ˜‰
    • The motherboard firmware is out of date
    • The BIOS settings are not set to enable AMD CrossFire

    Finally, if the AMD CrossFire option still isn’t showing up, update the Catalyst Control Center to the latest version and try again.

    in reply to: bbPress Sitemap Generator #318

    The Google XML Sitemap plugin from Arne Branchold actually has the capability to support bbPress forums.

    To enable bbPress forum, topic and reply support, simply edit the settings of the plugin and tick Include custom post type Forums and Include custom post type Topics under Custom Post Types.

    You may also wish to do the same for bbPress Replies, but personally I don’t do this because the page will already be indexed under the Topic and this is just additional load on the host.


    Yes, the characters won’t appear when you type the new password. Just type the password and hit enter.


    To change the Directory Services restore mode password:

    1. Log onto the domain controller you want to change the password on
    2. Click Start -> Run
    3. Type ntdsutil and hit enter
    4. Type set dsrm password
    5. Type reset password on server null
    6. Type the new Directory Services restore mode password
    7. Type q to quit the DSRM command
    8. Type q to quit the ntdsutil command
    in reply to: What is the Best CPU Available on the Market in 2014? #259

    I agree with lauraexplorer6, different processors are faster at different things, so it’s probably not possible to say “this processor is the fastest one released in 2014”.

    However, he’s my opinion of which is the fastest:

    In the server market, with a phenomenal 30M cache and 12 cores, the IntelĀ® XeonĀ® Processor E5-4657L v2 reigns supreme. This is the perfect processor for standard server operations that support multicore (virtualization).

    If you’re running server applications that don’t support multicore, then at only 2.4GHz, you probably won’t find the IntelĀ® XeonĀ® Processor E5-4657L v2 the fastest. Also, if you’re running a home PC that’s typically used for gaming, this probably isn’t for you either. You’ll probably find the IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i7-4940MX Processor Extreme Edition the fastest (and a quarter of the price), with 8M of cache and up to 4GHz of speed.

    Of course, if you are running applications that are single threaded, but do a lot of CPU context switching then you really need a lot of cache, in which case the Xeon will be better for you.

    Moral of the storey: there isn’t one single fastest CPU of 2014, you have to decide what applications you want to run, how they use resources and then pick the best CPU.

    in reply to: Is Windows 8.1 Good or Bad? #258

    Yeah, people are pretty polarized by Windows 8.1. I agree that it’s a good operating system, it seems good for the home user… But is it good for business? Personally, I have no experience managing it in an environment, but one thing is very obvious: Managing the change to the business will be a phenomenal task because of the start menu alone.

    The effect of the start menu will not only be felt by users who don’t know how to launch their apps and get scared and stupid because something has changed and doesn’t operate the way they normally do, but packaged applications will have to be changed. This could be a lot of work for a larger business that is using a package deployment tool like SCCM, but may not be such an administrative nightmare for a business who delivers their applications via technologies like App-V, Citrix or rely mainly on terminal server.

    But, yes I do agree, Windows 8.1 is a good operating system. The flat design is a bit odd at first, but the features and blinding speed are brilliant.

    in reply to: Self Service Portal Going Slow – Service Manager #236

    Service Managers self service portal is probably going slow because you’ve got JIT (Just In Time) Compiling enabled in IIS. This basically IIS compiling the self service website before delivering it, which makes it deliver the page more slowly.

    JIT Compiling is good for saving server resources, because application pools clean out pages that aren’t used regularly when the application pool is recycled, freeing resources.

    To fix this, you can stop the application pool from recycling by:

    1. Log into the self-service portal web server
    2. Start IIS (Start -> inetmgr)
    3. Expand the web server
    4. Click Application Pools
    5. Right click on the SM_AppPool (assuming you didn’t rename the pool when installing System Center Service Manager)
    6. Click Advanced Settings…
    7. Change Idle Time-out (minutes) and Regular Time Interval (minutes) to 0
    8. Click OK
    9. Right click on the SM_AppPool again and click Recycle

    The self service portal will go slow once, then be forever fast (as it will not be recycled, except until rebooted or if IIS is reset).

    in reply to: Unable To Delete AD Access Group from App-V #226

    This is a funny one that seems to trick a lot of people… After clicking delete, you then get an AJAX message at the top of the screen asking you to confirm deletion. You have to click yes at the top of the screen after deleting the AD Access group at the bottom of the screen. Bad UI design šŸ˜‰

    If you have an existing message from a previous event (such as a delete), you will have to close the message at the top of the screen (cross in right hand corner) before you can see the delete confirmation of the next message.

    Once you accept these, the AD Access group will then be deleted.

    in reply to: Where is the IE Compatibility Mode GPO? #219

    The compatibility mode GPO settings are in:

    Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Compatibility View

    They’re available for both the computer and user settings.

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