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  • in reply to: What Is The Best WordPress Theme For SEO? #80

    Well, most WordPress themes are about the same for SEO. So long as you pick a theme that:

    • Doesn’t have the text starting way down the page with a big picture at the top (above the fold)
    • Has the title of each post in nice big h1 font
    • Allows you to have a widget area that you can put a decent structure of tags / categories for SEO
    • Then you can pretty much have any WordPress theme you want 🙂

      Once thing I would consider though, is to pick one that makes advert placement easy and in the correct sizes. Even if you aren’t publishing adverts on your website, you will still want to advertise your own products to increase conversions.

      Personally, my favourite theme is the HeatMap AdAptive Theme. I know it performs as well as the others because I’ve lost no traffic since using it, but the advert placement is what makes it great – I’ve quadrupled my Adsense revenue since using it.

    in reply to: How To List Inactive Computer Accounts In Active Directory #48

    There are a few ways you can list inactive (or stale) computer accounts in AD, such as via PowerShell or with a program like Hyena.

    My favourite way to list inactive computer accounts is with dsquery. This is because you can pipe the output of a dsquery into another query or text file, which you can then use for something else.

    To list computers that have been inactive in AD for 3 months (90 days), use the below dsquery command in a command prompt window on a domain controller or PC on the domain with RSAT tools installed:

    dsquery computer -stalepwd 90 -limit 99999

    If you want, you can pipe this out to a text file but adding > C:\FileName.txt to the end of the command.

    in reply to: Error E0BB0191: Search Engine Support Cannot Be Enabled #42

    Error EC8F17B7 has actually been fixed in Backup Exec System Restore 8.5.5, however you can get your incremental backup working by disabling Search engine support for Google Desktop and Backup Exec Retrieve.

    To disable Search engine support for Google Desktop and Backup Exec Retrieve, edit the backup job and deselect Enable search engine support for Google Desktop and Backup Exec Retrieve.

    You will now no longer get the E0BB0191 error and your incremental backup should work.

    in reply to: Hard Drive Or Flash Drive? #28

    When choosing whether to install ESXi on a hard drive or SD card, you’re also chosing whether to install ESXi Embedded or ESXi Installable.

    Aside from those OS choices around flash or hard disk options, you also have a 3rd option which is to install ESXi over the network and run it from RAM!

    I have the following opinion about whether to install ESXi to flash or hard disk:

    • If you install to flash, there is no S.M.A.R.T. reporting to warn you of disk failure. This is a problem because when SD cards fail, they don’t just stop working and allow your ESXi host to fail over, they start to slow down and get slower and slower over a period of time, until they suddenly crash.
    • SD cards are cheap to buy, but heck so are small SSD hard disks when you look at the over all cost of a server, a couple of hundred bucks divided across all the users of the VMs hosted on the server is nothing.

    Running your ESXi hosts in RAM would be a better option if you’re trying to get some cheap, fast storage… But then you have to have a PXE server set up to enable this.

    Personally, for me, hard disks are just fine 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 136 through 139 (of 139 total)