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      A PC can become inoperable if one or more of its components crash wherein repair is no more an option. There are several ways in “recycling” your laptop/PC, and here are some of suggestions:
      1. The CPU, Hard Disk and Video Card are 4 of the most fundamental components that can still be retrieved in a broken PC. You can either reuse it by putting it on another PC which can make it more powerful.
      2. The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) can be converted into into an External HDD by installing it on a compatible HDD case. Commercial External Hard Disks are a bit expensive (depending on the memory capacity) so it is really a good idea to convert internal HDD to external HDD.
      3. There are some people who buy the whole broken PC/laptop and they will be the ones doing the work to retrieve something from those PC, you can sell it to them if you want.
      If you have any other idea in recycling a broken PC, you can comment it here. Thank you!

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      Its a funny world we live in, that things that are so highly engineered and expensive depreciate in value so quickly that they can be considered disposable items in most cases.

      In terms of rescuing hardware from a broken PC, usually I find that either the PC can be repaired by replacing broken components or the non broken components are not worth saving and you’re better off just buying a new PC.

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      Technology is a victim of capitalism. Actually, I recommend the “reusing” of the dismantled PC components because the value of it’s use can be much greater than the money that you will gain when you sell it.

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