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      I want to make a WordPress blog that has very good SEO. What is the best WordPress theme for SEO?

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      Well, most WordPress themes are about the same for SEO. So long as you pick a theme that:

      • Doesn’t have the text starting way down the page with a big picture at the top (above the fold)
      • Has the title of each post in nice big h1 font
      • Allows you to have a widget area that you can put a decent structure of tags / categories for SEO
      • Then you can pretty much have any WordPress theme you want 🙂

        Once thing I would consider though, is to pick one that makes advert placement easy and in the correct sizes. Even if you aren’t publishing adverts on your website, you will still want to advertise your own products to increase conversions.

        Personally, my favourite theme is the HeatMap AdAptive Theme. I know it performs as well as the others because I’ve lost no traffic since using it, but the advert placement is what makes it great – I’ve quadrupled my Adsense revenue since using it.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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