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      I’m just trying to find out what the best CPU is on the market right now. Does anyone know what is the best CPU of 2014, and why?

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      To answer that question I think you would need to provide more information. The best CPU on the market will differ from person to person depending on its use.
      Can you perhaps suggest a bit more about what the unit might be used for? Its core functions.

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      For me, the best CPU is the fastest all rounder. I guess what I’m asking is what’s the fastest CPU of 2014 and why?

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      I agree with lauraexplorer6, different processors are faster at different things, so it’s probably not possible to say “this processor is the fastest one released in 2014”.

      However, he’s my opinion of which is the fastest:

      In the server market, with a phenomenal 30M cache and 12 cores, the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-4657L v2 reigns supreme. This is the perfect processor for standard server operations that support multicore (virtualization).

      If you’re running server applications that don’t support multicore, then at only 2.4GHz, you probably won’t find the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-4657L v2 the fastest. Also, if you’re running a home PC that’s typically used for gaming, this probably isn’t for you either. You’ll probably find the Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX Processor Extreme Edition the fastest (and a quarter of the price), with 8M of cache and up to 4GHz of speed.

      Of course, if you are running applications that are single threaded, but do a lot of CPU context switching then you really need a lot of cache, in which case the Xeon will be better for you.

      Moral of the storey: there isn’t one single fastest CPU of 2014, you have to decide what applications you want to run, how they use resources and then pick the best CPU.

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      The fastest CPU in the world in 2014 will be Intel Core i7-4960X. Well there are some reasons behind it to be the best in 2014:
      1. If you check for the review of this product trust me its on the top chart than others.
      2. It has really got the thing called the ‘fastest’ into its genes.
      3. If you go for the price it will cost you $1,048.99 in amazon but there is chance of getting little low price somewhere around.
      4. It is the best one relating to price, product and its features.
      5. It runs with 130W power with LGA2011 socket isn’t that cool?…
      And finally I think it would be the best product with value of your money.

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      As an Engineering student dealing with many ‘hardcore software’ like AutoCAD and other ‘heavyweight’ engineering software, the iCore series of Intel is the best especially the latest i7. It is super fast and very convenient to use.

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