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      Sometimes it’s very hard to figure out the cause of the problems with Windows 7 system, you may have no luck to parlay that information and get frustrated, while you can follow these simple steps to try to fix those annoying problems.

      1. Close all programs that are running currently. When the problems caused by low memory and low system resources, this is a really useful fix
      2. Kill the underspend process. The unreasoned process often make your PC work so slowly, you can shut them down to fix the problem
      3. Log off. If you have closed all your programs but the Windows 7 is still with problems, you can log off to clear the ram so it give you’re a slightly cleaner slate
      4. Reboot the computer. When logging off doesn’t help with some system devices or files problems, you should reboot the computer. By rebooting Win7, the system is reloaded entirely which will solve most of you problems
      5. Turn off your PC and restart. By turning off your PC and then restart it, you can solve most of the hardware problems
      6. Check your computer connections and power switches. You should also notice hardware problems which are caused by common physical things

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