Inaccessible VM Is Named "VM Unknown" in VMware ESXi

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      I have an inaccessible VM that ESXi has named VM Unknown and I can’t power it on. Please help, I can’t even find out what the VM is actually called – it just says VM Unknown.

      Rebooting ESXi doesn’t fix it.

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      You get VM Unknown when the ESXi host can’t open the vmx file that tells the host about the VM.

      To fix this:

      1. Remove the VM from the ESXi hosts inventory (don’t delete the files, just remove it)
      2. From another ESXi host, open the datastore and navigate to the VM’s config files
      3. Right click the vmx file and click Add to inventory

      The VM should now be up and running and you are free to troubleshoot the ESXi host as to why it can’t connect to the storage correctly. If the problem lies with the storage, once you’ve fixed the storage / network issue, don’t forget to restart the ESXi management agents.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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