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      iFind.exe has extremely high CPU usage on my server. What is iFind.exe, why does it have such high CPU usage and how do I stop it?

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      iFind.exe is the CommVault Simpana backup utility’s iData Agent process for the discovery phase of the backup. iFind.exe basically creates a list of files for the iData agent to back up.

      According to CommVault, it’s normal for the iFind.exe process to have high CPU usage.

      That being said, it is possible to reduce the CPU usage by ensuring that the iData Agent only has 1 read thread (set in the backup settings for the iData agent).

      The antivirus program can also cause the iFind.exe process to have high CPU usage if it is scanning the files that should be excluded (check CommVaults exclusion recommendations) or scanning the iFind.exe process itself.

      If a backup is not currently happening on the server and there’s still high CPU usage, the iFind.exe process may have hung, in which case you need to kill it.

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      If yo are having disk latency issues on the server, this can also cause iFind.exe to have high CPU usage

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