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      Need to stop a NIC registering in DNS? To stop a NIC registering in DNS, right click the NIC, click Properties, double click IPv4, click Advanced, then the DNS tab and deselect the option to register this NIC in DNS.

      If your NIC is on a DNS server, it will automatically register in DNS because of the DNS Server settings. To stop the NIC registering in DNS if the NIC is on a DNS Server, Open the DNS server console: highlight the server on the left pane Action-> Properties and on the “Interfaces” tab select “listen on only the following IP addresses”. Remove unwanted IP address from the list. Then on the Zone properties, select Name server tab. Along with FQDN of the DC, you will see the IP address associated with the DC. Remove unwanted IP address if it is listed.

      The NIC should then stop registering in DNS.

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