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      Here’s how to setup subversion (SVN) on a Windows machine:

      1. Run the subversion (SVN) setup on the server you want to run the subversion service from
      2. On the server run the following command to set up a directory containing your subversion repository (which can point to a network shared drive):

        svnadmin create C:\SVN\Repo

        ❗ Note: You may need to add the location of the svnadmin.exe to your path environment variable.

      3. Next navigate to the repo you created in the previous step and edit the passwrd file in the conf folder (using notepad) to set up some SVN users (the example format is given in the file).
      4. In the same conf folder, edit the svnserve.conf file and uncomment the following sections:

        anon-access = read
        auth-access = write
        password-db = passwd

        ❗ Note: You may wish to set anonymous access to “none” instead of “read”.

      5. Next run the following command to start the svn server service (you have to leave the window open, to use svn. Unless you set up SVN to run as a service).

      ❗ Note: If you ever change the configuration of SVN or users/password settings, you need to restart the SVN service.

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