How To Set Up Windows NIC Teaming On Server 2012 R2

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      Setting up Windows NIC teaming in Server 2012 R2 is really easy. Here’s how to set up Windows NIC teaming on Windows Server 2012 R2:

      1. Start Server Manager
      2. Click on Local Server
      3. Click on Disabled, next to NIC Teaming
      4. Under Adapters and Interfaces, select a NIC and click Tasks -> Add to NIC Team
      5. Tick the NICs that you want to add to the NIC team
      6. Give the team a name
      7. Click OK to create the team

      This unticks the TCP/IP v4 and v6 settings for the NICs you selected to add to the NIC team and teams them all into one virtual NIC with the name you specified. The NIC team can be found listed as a NIC (with a different icon) in Network Connections, under the control panel. It will by default have it’s IP address allocated by DHCP, so be aware of this if you are connecting by RDP. Especially if you are teaming the NIC that you are using to connect via RDP to set up the NIC team, because you will lose your connection.

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