How To Reset Your WordPress Admin Password from your cPanel

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      Forgotten your WordPress admin password or been hacked and need to reset your password? You can reset your WordPress admin password from the cPanel by doing the following:

      1. Log onto your WordPress hosting
      2. Navigate to your WordPress directory
      3. Open the wp-config.php file
      4. From this file, find out your database name
      5. Log into your cPanel
      6. Launch phpMyAdmin
      7. On the left hand side, expand the database for the WordPress website that you want to reset the admin password for
      8. Find and click on the xxx_users table (xxx will be whatever you set it to be when you installed WordPress. The default is wp_users). This will likely be the last table in the database
      9. Click the pencil icon to edit the database record for your admin user / password, that you want to reset
      10. Next, download an MD5 hash tool
      11. Use the hash tool to encrypt the password you want to reset your admin password to
      12. Overwrite the old password with the encrypted password

      Your WordPress admin password is now reset – log in with the unencrypted password you entered into the MD5 hash tool.

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