How to replace a graphic card in pc?

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      Can I manually replace or upgrade the graphic card in my system. If yes, please suggest me some steps for the same!!

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      Follow the following steps in order to replace your graphics card:
      Step-1. Static power can genuinely harm the segments inside a pc. So, you must be grounded with operating.
      Step-2. Uninstall any drivers connected with your momentum graphics card.
      Step-3. Open the pc case.
      Step-4. Locate the old card on the motherboard.
      Step-5. Unplug the card.
      Step-6. Remove the old card.
      Step-7. Insert your new graphics card and, if conceivable, screw it to the case.
      Step-8. Plug in your new graphics card.
      Step-9. Replace the tower’s side board, switch the machine on and introduce suitable programming that accompanied the new card.

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      Don’t forget to remove the power cable first!

      Incidentally, if you don’t have a grounding strip, you can just tough the computer case to earth you.

      After the graphics card is installed you need to install the graphics card’s drivers and any bloatware that comes with it, if you wish.

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