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      There are lots of ways to play video through Google Chromecast from your PC, but not music. Here’s how to play music through chromecast:

      • Option 1: Use an app (that supports Google Chromecast) to play music, such as Spoticast or Google Play Music
      • Option 2: Play music using your preferred media app, then launch Google Chrome and cast the entire screen – the quality won’t be great using this option
      • Option 3: Convert your music files into a format that can be played through Google Chrome, referenced via the URI to the music file
      • Option 4: Install a media player that can play music files through Google Chrome, then cast the tab (optimized for audio will give the best results)
      • Option 5: Play the music from YouTube, then cast it to you Chromecast through Google Chrome

      If anyone knows another way or better apps to play music through Google Chromecast, please let me know. Sharing is caring 🙂

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      I’ve found another app to play music and video through. You can get a free trial for a month.

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