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      If you don’t do these prerequisite steps, then your install of Eclipse IDE for C & C++ won’t work. To install Eclipse IDE For C & C++:

      1. First install Java JDK
      2. Add the location of the JDK and JRE Bin folders (usually C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.x.x_xx\bin and C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.x.x_xx\bin) to your path environmental variable
      3. Restart your PC
      4. Install a C or C++ compiler that is supported by Eclipse. These are Cross GCC, Cygwin GCC, Microsoft Visual C++, MinGW GCC (you can also install Equation, specifying C:\MinGW GCC as the install directory)
      5. Unpack Eclipse to any folder
      6. Launch Eclipse and go to Windows -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> New C/C++ Project, then under Preferred Toolchains, Executable, Empty Project, specify the compiler you installed. Then click Make toolchains(s) preferred

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