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      When assigning driver applications to particular hardware I have always applied drivers to the model that they apply to, but this isn’t always the best way.

      Select * from Win32_computersystem where model like ‘HP%8000%’

      The above WMI query is great if you have a driver to install that applies to a whole machine (such as if there are multiple drivers packaged into one installer), but there’s a better way if you have a single driver.

      The problem with the above method, if you have a driver application for a particular piece of hardware, is that you’ll need to add every single model type that uses the hardware. Also, some models may change the device they use, so it may be applicable for particular versions of hardware for a particular model, but not others.

      To get around this, you can use the below WMI query to apply the driver application to a particular hardware ID:

      “PNPDeviceID like ‘%VEN_8086&DEV_0133%’ or PNPDeviceID like ‘%VEN_8086&DEV_016A%’”

      To find the hardware ID simply deploy the OS image with SCCM, log onto the deployed PC, go to Device Manager and look at the properties of the device, view the Details tab and select Hardware Ids from the Property dropdown. From here you can see the hardware IDs to add to the above WMI query.

      ❗ Note: The longer hardware IDs towards the top of the list are more specific, the hardware IDs at the bottom of the list are very generic (They just say the manufacturer, for example). You want to make them as specific as you can.

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