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      Sometimes you might need to create a bootable USB stick in SCCM. This article is a step-by-step guide showing you how to create a bootable USB in SCCM.

      Bootable USB sticks created by SCCM hold a full copy of your OS deployment and task sequence. Booting from the USB stick is the same as PXE booting to deploy the operating system. Bootable USB sticks can be useful if you have a slow network connection to your SCCM server or if you are having trouble injecting the network card drivers into the boot or OS image. Here’s how to create a bootable USB stick in SCCM.

      1. In the SCCM console, navigate to:

        System Center Configuration Manager -> Site Database -> Computer Management -> Operating System Deployment -> Task Sequences

      2. On the right hand pane (Action pane), click Create Task Sequence Media
      3. Select Bootable Media
      4. Click Next
      5. Select USB flash drive
      6. Insert the USB drive that you wish to turn into a bootable USB stick
      7. Specify the drive letter of the USB drive on the Media file line
      8. On the Security tab, you may enter a password that will be required when you boot off the USB stick to install an operating system
      9. Select the boot image
      10. Click Next
      11. Click Finish
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