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      If you’re Google Chromecast won’t connect to the wifi network during the setup process, here’s what to do.

      If Chromecast is detected in the setup but won’t connect to the wifi network, then the issue is between the Chromecast and the wifi router. To fix this, try the following:

      • Connect to 5Ghz instead of 2.4Ghz, or vice versa
      • Update the firmware of your router
      • Try connecting as a guest to your wifi network if it’s supported
      • Try disabling the 5Ghz band and connecting Chromecast to the 2.4Ghz connection, or vice versa
      • Remove your Chromecast from the TV and try again
      • Plug Chromecast into a power socket
      • Make sure your Chromecast is within range of your wifi connection – maybe the signal is just weak where it currently is?
      • Buy a new wifi router

      If Chromecast won’t connect to the wifi network and during setup you get no Chromecast detected, then the issue is related to the connection between your computer and Chromecast. Try the following:

      • Try rebooting your computer
      • Try connecting via a 5Ghz connection instead of 2.4Ghz, or vice versa
      • Try moving your computer closer to your Chromecast
      • Try running setup from another computer

      If you find that you still have issues connecting Chromecast to your wifi network during setup, make sure that client isolation mode is disabled on your router, try playing with the wifi settings on your router (channel bandwidth, wifi encryption type, etc), try resetting your router to factory settings.

      Also, note that the above tips assume that you are using a second generation Google Chromecast (the round one, not the USB stick style one), as the original Chromecast didn’t support 5Ghz networks.

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