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      So you’re considering buying a Dell Optiplex 9090 and you’re looking at reviews? That immediately tells me that you’re smarter than me, because instead of looking at review of the Dell Optiplex 9090, I just bought one.

      You might already think that my CPU is running at a slow clock speed because I bought a Dell, but I was on a budget and the Dell Optiplex 9090 was cheap and available. You get what you pay for.

      The main reason for writing this review is to warn people not to buy a Dell Optiplex 9090. I’ve bought 3 for work and am already having issues in the first day of buying them. Well, actually I had issues before that, due to the ordering process with Dell – it took about 2 months to receive my Dell computers because the order got lost – twice. But that’s besides the point – I’m not writing this to review the delivery.

      My first issue was that the install of the operating system (I didn’t use the OS that came preinstalled) was odd. I was installing straight from the unaltered Windows installation disk and the install kept failing. To fix this, I just kept restarting the install. You might expect that performing the exact same action would result in the exact same failure, but not here – after a few retries, it started working.

      My next issue was that taking the DVD drive out and installing another hard disk stopped my disks from being detected. Reverting to the previous configuration does not fix this. A quick Google showed that this was an issue with previous Dell models and was fixed with a BIOS upgrade. The Dell Optiplex 9090 ships with a slightly older version of the BIOS, but there’s nothing in the release notes to say that the issue has been fixed.

      I guess to summarise the review, the Dell Optiplex 9090 would be OK for a standard workstation setup, but not for anyone wanting to change the hardware configuration or rolling out a new OS build to many Dell Optiplex 9090’s.

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