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      When trying to connect to my WiFi network with Windows 8.1, I got this error:

      Can’t connect to this network

      When I selected the WiFi network it simply said Checking network requirements. Then after a minute or so it said Can’t connect to this network. It gave no other error, such as “invalid password” or anything like that. It just simply stopped working one day.

      To fix this I simply restarted my router πŸ™‚

      If you are getting Can’t connect to this network on your Windows 8.1 PC, you might want to try the following:

      • Restarting your PC
      • Reconfiguring your router (it may have lost the settings)
      • Replacing your WiFi adapter
      • Reinstalling Wifi adapter drivers

      If you still can’t connect to your WiFi network, drop me a reply and I’ll try to help you.

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      When trying to connect to a wireless network, after saying Checking network requirements for a while, Windows 8.1 says:

      Can’t connect to this network

      What I’ve found is that this is probably because you have a saved network with the same name, but with different settings saved against it. To fix the Can’t connect to this network error:

      1. Click Close
      2. Click View connection settings
      3. Click Manage known networks
      4. Select your network
      5. Click Forget network

      If Windows 8.1 is still saying that it Can’t connect to this network, leave a reply on the forum.

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      I am also facing this issue “can’t connect to this network”… this issue made me mad… I am fed up of this windows8 and window8.1… window 8 is installed on one laptop and window 8.1 in installed on another laptop both are giving this issue…
      -in our WIFI LAN network there are two D-Link router connected in chain (one is connected to another to extend the range) to a single DSL 4MB connection…
      – WIFI LAN… all computer are connected as wireless..
      -this is a hostel… there are 13 to 15 computers connected to these two router at the same time…
      -point to be noted: this issue doesn’t occur when there are very less number of computer on WIFI LAN… let say one or two or three… this issue occur when number of computer on lan increases to 13 or 15 and that is the prime time to use internet…
      I heard form somewhere on internet that it is a bug in window8… is it true?
      I shall be very thankful if you kindly let me know about any good network connection manager that can handle this issue… I have used a connection manager named “Maxidix wifi suit” that works fine some times.. this software actually counteniously tries reconnecting the connection… so after some time it get connected… but sometimes it take much…


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      I have a few questions that I need to ask to help you fix the wifi network issue:

      Do you own all the PCs?
      Do the ones that work always work or just sometimes?
      Do the ones that don’t work have the same network card’s as the working ones?

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      Also, just wondering if it’s clients trying to connect to a particular wifi AP…

      Also can you confirm the error message you’re getting please?

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      Im also facing same problem in my 8.1
      It was ok before .after some updates wifi network not connecting.
      When i tried to connect my wifi its showing as cant connect to the network
      I tried almost everythng
      I restarted my router
      Reinstalled my wifi adapter
      Updated my wifi adapter
      Almost everythng
      Kindly help me out..

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      Sorry for the late reply and welcome to the forum.

      Since writing this article my friend got the can’t connect to this network message. We fixed it by going into the list of known networks and deleting it from windows 8.

      The computer then didn’t know the network so it rediscovered the settings and asked me to enter the password again.

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      I deleted d known network frm my laptop
      Still its nt connecting even after entering my password
      Still showing cant connect to internet
      Sumtyms my wifi connection is nt even detecting in my hp, showing as no networks found

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      Have you tried another computer connecting to the network? Perhaps your network card is broken?

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      I have got a problem connecting to a particular wifi network (windows 8.1) I can connect to all other wifi networks available. And when I did troubleshooting it showed “this network was removed manually”. Eventhough I added the network again I couldn’t connect. After saying “Checking network requirements” for a while, Windows 8.1 says “Can’t connect to this network”. Please help.


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      Hi Shamcl,

      What troubleshooting have you tried already? Did you try restarting the router, PC, etc.?

      Also, did it used to work and has suddenly stopped working?

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      Thankyou for your reply.

      This is a public wifi network which gives us different usernames and passwords, it works for others. I restarted the system and tried to connect again but it shows the same error.

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      I also have a similar problem
      It is a public wifi where u each one gets a different password
      It used to work earlier but it Dosent any more
      Couldn’t connect to this network is all I see
      I tried everything updated the driver software,
      Uninstall the driver software and reinstall it,
      Picked different list of drivers,forget the network

      Please help me out
      In need of it

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      Hmmm, that’s a pain because you can’t restart the router. Maybe ask the owners of the network connection for help. It sounds like you’ve done everything you can at your end.

      I wonder if it works for other users?

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