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The best free antivirus software of 2014

Antivirus are created to protect PCs. If you have a computer it is very important to protect it from unwanted visitors. As early as possible it is advisable that you protect your computer from these unwanted intrusions. The top pick of PC owners for the best free antivirus software of 2014 is AVIRA.
With its top-notch protection, browser plug-in features as well as built-in security browser plug-in AVIRA is the best choice for free antivirus software of 2014. Though it is not a well known U.S. security company AVIRA Free Antivirus 2014 gives you a lot without a cost.

In order to ensure you find the best free antivirus here are some tips:

1. Free editions. Since we’re talking about free the best antivirus should provide a free for download version of the antivirus applications that enables customers to try it out prior to buying a commercial version with more features. This lets you assess it to find out how it really works and if you are feeling comfortable to continuously use it.

2. Scope of protection. It should protect your PC from the widest variety of risks, which start from viruses, worms and spyware to new risks like phishing scams and also keyloggers.

3. Regular updates. The most effective antivirus application must have an automatic updater that will frequently inform you each time a new update is available and a scheduler that you may set to automatically update the software at a time and date of your choice.

4. Technical support. Just in case you will have problems using some of the features a technical support should be readily available for you to easily get in touch with.