Reply To: How To Backup Printer Installer (Printer Logic)


Here’s a script that I use as a scheduled task to backup the Printer Installer database:

del "D:\Backup\backup1.sql"
move "D:\Backup\backup.sql" "D:\Backup\backup1.sql"
cd "C:\Program Files\mysql\mysql server 5.5\bin"
mysqldump --user=root --password=InsertYourPasswordHere --single-transaction --add-drop-database printer_installer > D:\Backup\backup.sql

You may wish to change the settings to reflect your database (How to get your Printer Installer password and other database settings)

I schedule this to run every day. It keeps the last two backups (the idea being that at least one days worth of backups will the kept on tape, in the instance that it’s being backed up while it’s being written to tape and therefore avoids locked file / corruption issues.

You also need to backup the wwwroot folder on your Printer Installer server. I take a copy of the produced backup*.sql files created by the script and the wwwroot folder to tape.