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Ok, here’s my recommendation:

Set up a new VM / physical host as a DC, located on the same network segment as your other DC. Get replication working. Then set up a new VLAN and put the DC in that and make sure replication works (you’ll need to do a new site at this point).

Once you’ve fixed your replication issue (start a new thread with the errors and I can help you), I’d look at putting 2 DCs at the remote location (for failover). I’d probably put 2 physical hosts, each with Hyper-V, each host running one DC as a VM. Also I’d do some research into Exchange to see if you could have some sort of edge server sitting out there to reduce traffic on the WAN.

If you can’t fix the replication issue, I’d consider hiring a consultant or putting a call into Microsoft. Failing that, if you’re comfortable doing so, I’d consider a green field AD install while you have so few users and the opportunity. 😉