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    When trying to download the Windows 10 ISO using the Media Creation Tool, I get this error:

    Windows 10 Setup
    Something happened
    0x80190197 – 0x90017

    From what I can see, the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10 doesn’t seem to be generating any traffic in my proxy server logs. Therefore I am lead to believe that the tool does not support proxy server settings and is going out our other internet connection. I don’t have control over the logs for that connection, so I can only assume that error 0x80190197 – 0x90017 is related to an invalid internet connection or firewall rule blocking the Windows 10 ISO download.

    ❗ Update: I’ve since got the tool working by using another internet connection (by taking the proxy settings out my browser). So it would seem that in my case, the Media Creation Tool was proxy aware, but somehow just didn’t like it.

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