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      Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9 and call their next OS Windows 10. But why did Microsoft call it Windows 10 instead of Windows 9? There’s a lot of speculation about marketing and stirring discussion and excitement about Windows 10, which is undoubtedly true. There’s also speculation about avoiding confusion with Windows 95 and 98, however, there’s something else to consider:

      It was probably cheaper for Microsoft to call their next operating system Windows 10, instead of Windows 9.

      So why is it cheaper? It’s to do with how Microsoft are able to release an operating system so regularly; They start production on the next operating system before they’ve finished the last one. So for example, when Microsoft were working on Windows 7, they had already started on Windows Vista. This is why every other operating system Microsoft make is rubbish; Because they don’t build the next version based on feedback from the last, because production is already under-way.

      This is true. Think about it. Every time Microsoft release an OS in quick succession, the second is always terrible. For example, Windows 98 was great, Windows ME was terrible. Then came Windows 2000, which was great. This was followed by Windows XP which was terrible until SP1. Then we had Windows 7 (great), followed by Windows Vista (terrible). Then we had Windows 8 which was terrible, followed by Windows 9… oh, hold on! Microsoft couldn’t have another bad OS (Windows 8), so they updated it with a rather strange and clunky “patch”, that was Windows 8.1. Suddenly Windows 8 was great, but they used all the code for Windows 9 to “patch” Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. At this time, work would have already started on Windows 10 in order to get it out quickly after Windows 9, to keep with Microsoft’s intention of releasing a new OS each year.

      It would have been too much work to re-brand and recode all of Windows 10 as Windows 9, so it was used as a marketing ploy.

      Hence, now we have Windows 10 and Windows 9 (Windows 8.1) has been skipped.

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