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    You would expect to find the Database shape under Databases in Visio 2010, but it’s not there. Here’s where to find the Database shape in Visio 2010:

    Click More Shapes -> Business -> Business Process -> ITIL Shapes

    There is a Database shape here, but it’s actually called Configuration Management. Why you can’t find a database shape under the databases selection of shapes, I don’t know. However, this one is a perfectly fine substitute, it’s exactly the same as the cylinder used to represent databases in Visio.

    Another way to get a database shape is to copy – paste one from another Visio diagram, if you have one.

    If you know where to find a better database shape in Visio 2010 (or other versions), please leave a message on the forum.

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    You can also find another Visio database shape here:

    Software and Database -> Software -> Enterprise Application

    In this instance, its called a Datastore. It’s basically the same as the ITIL database shape, but this one is white instead of grey. For a slightly different database cylinder you can look here:

    Software & Database -> Software -> Common Icons

    Of the three database shapes, I think the grey one looks prettier, but the datastore one has the most space to write on, if you wish to put some text on top of it.

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