What Is VMware EVO:RAIL?

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      Have you heard of VMware EVO:RAIL, but don’t know what it is? Here’s a simple, easy to understand explanation of what VMware EVO:RAIL is:

      EVO:RAIL is a VMware infrastructure appliance to host your entire virtual environment in.

      What is an Appliance? An appliance is a black-box that you just plug into your network and it “just works” 🙂 (Performs the function that it says it does). Appliances are hardware boxes that have the operating system and applications already installed and set up, they require minimal configuration (often with a front end web page, so the user doesn’t have to log onto the appliances operating system)

      So, given the explanation of what an appliance is, lets look at the detail of what EVO:RAIL is offering as an infrastructure appliance.

      EVO:RAIL is an appliance that offers everything you need to run VMware vSphere in… That includes a built in vSAN, 4 hosts and networking set up to connect the all the pieces, all built into and configured ready for use in the one appliance.

      You can buy EVO:RAIL and connect it into your network, then you’re all ready to start creating VMs on it.

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