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      What is a GFS backup standard? GFS is a backup industry term used to describe the standard way to schedule backups. GFS backups work like this:

      • A backup is taken each day (Daily backups). Daily backup tapes are held for a week before being over written
      • After a week, the first daily backup tape of the week is held aside and the other daily backup tapes go back into the scratch pool to be reused (over-written). The tape taken aside then makes up the weekly backup. Weekly backup tapes are held for a month (4 weeks) before obeing over-written
      • At the end of the month (4 weeks), the first weekly backup tape (which was the first daily backup tape) is then set aside as the monthly backup. Monthly backups are typically held for 12 months and the first of these is typically set aside as the yearly backup

      This is the GFS system and is the standard way people schedule their backups, so why is it called GFS? GFS stands for Grandfather, Father, Son.

      Think of the son being the daily tape, which then fathers the weekly tape, which is then grandfathered to become the monthly tape.

      I guess that makes the yearly tape the great grandfather :p

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