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      A vCenter database may be considered huge if it is larger than 50GB, according to VMware. If your vCenter database is huge, this is probably because your vCenter Rollup Jobs are not running. These are SQL jobs that perform destructive tasks to truncate and reduce the size of your vCenter database, by removing old logs, etc.

      If your vCenter database is huge, you can manually run the following SQL jobs, in the Microsoft SQL Management Studio:

      Event Task Cleanup [vCenter database]
      Past Day stats rollup [vCenter database]
      Past Month stats rollup [vCenter database]
      Past Week stats rollup [vCenter database]
      Process Performance Data [vCenter database]
      Property Bulletin Daily Update [vCenter database]
      Topn past day [vCenter database]
      Topn past month [vCenter database]
      Topn past week [vCenter database]
      Topn past year [vCenter database]

      Running these jobs manually will correct the huge database size and enable you to see if any of the jobs fail, you will be able to see why they failed and troubleshoot them accordingly. If the jobs don’t exist at all, you will have to manually recreate the vCenter Rollup Jobs.

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