Veeam Slow Restore Rate

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    You may find that the rate Veeam restores files is slow. If Veeam has a slow restore rate, you might try disabling VAAI or playing with the Block Zero setting (DataMover.HardwareAcceleratedInit).

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    Veeam can also have a slow restore rate when you are using non English characters in file names when doing a file level restore (bug). A workaround to this is to do a full restore to another VLAN then copy the files out of the VM (perhaps detach the disk and attach to another VM temporarily) or use the Copy To restore.

    Veeam restores can also go slow if your restore account doesn’t have permission to the files you are restoring.

    Finally, upgrading to the latest version of Veeam Backup and Replication can fix slow restore speeds.

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