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      1. Increase your RAM, the higher the RAM the faster the machine.
      2. Stick in a USB and go to my computer. Right click on the USB, and select properties
      From there go to Ready boost and enable it. This will use the USB as RAM.
      3. Another way to increase the speed is to go to start and in the search bar type in msconfig
      Unselect all the things you don’t need at start up and after that hit apply.
      4. Go to start. Right click on my computer and choose properties. Search for change settings on the right side and click on it. Go to advanced and under performance click on settings and choose adjust for best performance.
      5. Go to all programmes- accessories- system tools- diskcleanup-select all and hit OK
      6. Go to all programmes-accessories-system tools – diskfrgment- analyse disk

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      With the RAM upgrade, I think it’s best to launch the performance monitor and see if you’re using the RAM, because if you aren’t using all the RAM, there’s no point adding any more.

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