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      Since writing this, I’ve found out that there are actually two ways to set compatibility mode in IE 11 via GPO. The best way to set compatibility mode for IE 11 is with this group policy:

      User Settings -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Compatibility View -> Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites

      … I know it’s the setting for IE 7 compatibility mode, but it works just as well for IE 11! This is the preferred way to set IE 11 compatibility mode in group policy because you can see the list in Group Policy and group policy reports. It makes it easier to understand what sites are set for compatibility mode across the organisation.

      I’ve crossed out the other method below, rather than delete it. That way you have 2 options for setting compatibility mode in IE 11.

      Annoyingly there is no way to create a list of sites to use compatibility mode in IE 11 via group policy. The only way you can add sites to IE 11 compatibility mode via GPO is with a registry preference.

      To set a site to run in IE 11 compatibility mode via GPO:

      1. Put an administrative user account in the same OU as the OU you want to apply the group policy to and do a gpupdate /force followed by a reboot. This ensures that your admin account (that can edit GPOs) gets the current list of IE 11 compatibility sites that are applied to people in the GPO. You may need to ensure that any relevant security filtering applies correctly or put your workstation in the correct OU if using Loopback mode
      2. Now launch IE 11 on your PC (logged in as the admin user) and add the site(s) you wish to run in compatibility mode to IE 11’s compatibility mode list via the browser
      3. Now edit your GPO and create a new GPO Preference to add a registry item (User Configuration -> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Registry -> Right click, New Registry Item)
      4. Add the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive and the Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\BrowserEmulation\ClearableListData Key Path, using the browse button (…), selecting the UserFilter item. The value will be automatically populated
      5. Click OK

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      Thank you for this! – Question. If you later need to add to this list, can you just add to the “Master” list you used originally and they will continue to be pushed out? Or is this a one time thing?

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        With the second method to do compatibility settings with the registry key, you have to recreate the registry key from scratch. You can’t add to it because it’s a jumble of code, rather than a list.

        For this reason, I recommend using the first option that I’ve added for you 🙂

        With the first option you can just add to the list of compatible sites. In this instance, it will be continually pushed out (on login and by default every 90 minutes).

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        Thank you for updating this. I really appreciate it! Cheers!

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      I’m afraid, since writing this article I’ve found another (and much better) way to set compatibility mode in IE 11. There’s a GPO specifically to do this which let’s you maintain a list of compatible sites.

      I’ll update the article on Monday when I get the chance.

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