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      When trying to scan to an HP DeskJet 1510, you get this error:

      The HP DeskJet 1510 was not found

      This is caused by the computer not being able to see the printer. This can be because either the software is not installed, is corrupt or the printer / computer has recently been powered on and not finished booting up and connecting. The first thing to do is to wait 5 minutes then try again, the printer may have been found by then. The next thing to do is check your cables are plugged in properly, reboot the PC and HP DeskJet 1510, then wait 5 minutes. Finally, if the printer is still reporting that it’s not found, try reinstalling the software then repeat the above steps.

      If all of the above fail, (assuming it doesn’t work on another computer) take the printer back to your supplier because it may be broken.

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