The DNS Server Is Waiting For Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) To Signal

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      The following event can appear in the DNS Event Log:

      The DNS server is waiting for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to signal that the initial synchronization of the directory has been completed. The DNS server service cannot start until the initial synchronization is complete because critical DNS data might not yet be replicated onto this domain controller. If events in the AD DS event log indicate that there is a problem with DNS name resolution, consider adding the IP address of another DNS server for this domain to the DNS server list in the Internet Protocol properties of this computer. This event will be logged every two minutes until AD DS has signaled that the initial synchronization has successfully completed.

      Source: Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Server-Service
      Event ID: 4013

      This event occurs after the DNS Server Service has been started and will (under correct behaviour) be followed by events notifying that each zone is being loaded into DNS.

      It’s worth noting that Event ID 4013 is a warning, not an error and should only be of concern if DNS has not intentionally been restarted or if zones are not loading after it starts.

      To troubleshoot DNS issues associated with Event ID 4013, you might consider checking if DNS is integrated with AD, and if there are issues with network or AD.

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