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      Looking for a free alternative to Spotify? Here’s a full list of the best alternatives to Spotify – and they’re free!

      1. Mflow is certainly one of the best free alternatives to Spotify, with over 5 million songs and no adverts. The down side is that Mflow is a bit more basic than Spotify in it’s functionality.
      2. GrooveShark is a lot more like Spotify with one difference: It’s free service isn’t hampered by audio adverts, like Spotify. GrooveShark uses visual adverts as an alternative, so your music won’t be interrupted. This, in my opinion makes GrooveShark the best alternative to Spotify! Also, it’s web based, so it can be cast to Chromecast easily and there’s no need to install software to use it.
      3. is another alternative to Spotify, but not worth investigating because many of it’s free songs are just demo’s and only plays half the song. is better than Spotify if you’re looking to discover new music.
      4. Deezer is a French alternative to Spotify, but reports are that it’s mostly full of French rap and it doesn’t have all the songs it professes to have.
      5. An English alternative to Deezer is RadioPlayer, made by The Guardian and BBC. Probably not the best alternative to Spotify, but certainly an option.
      6. YouTube Disco YouTube Disco was discontinued in October 2014
      7. MySpace Music is another alternative, but the search feature isn’t as good as Spotify
      8. Musicovery is a simple version of Spotify, the premium version only costing 3 Euors, making it a good alternative
      9. SoundCloud is an alternative to Spotify that looks like iTunes and allows people to easily upload music – meaning that it’s great for Indie music lovers.

      In summary, probably the best alternative to Spotify is GrooveShark. It’s free, feature rich and the adverts don’t interrupt your music.

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