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      Sometimes can be listed in your AdSense Sites list as a site displaying your AdSense adverts. is listed in your AdSense sites list because at some point, has copied your AdSense code, put it on their website, then created a page impression.

      Why would want to display your AdSense adverts, you are probably wondering? Well, it’s because wants you to see their website there. is owned by Semalt, which is a company that sells (legitimate or not?) SEO related services to webmasters. They are deliberately displaying your adverts on their website, then generating a fake impression (probably a bot) of the advert so it shows up in your AdSense reporting. Their plan is for you to see their website in their reporting, then visit it to find out what is. They then redirect you to their Semalt website, where they try to sell you SEO services.

      The whole thing is really just a very clever and ingenuitive way to spam you.

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