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    For the past few days, I’ve found that my SonicWall keeps crashing / becoming unresponsive. After some time it comes back to life and everything is fine. The crashes seem irregular and can last from 30 seconds to hours.

    I’m not sure what fixed this because I made two changes at once and the issue went away.

    Here’s what I did to fix my crashing SonicWall:

    1. I looked at the SonicWall logs and found an error relating to the IKEv2 Initiator, which I fixed with the afore mentioned link.
    2. Then I went to the the interfaces list and enabled multicast on each LAN interface (I have 2 LANs, which cannot connect to each other and just go straight to the internet)

    After this, I have still not had a crash on the SonicWall. If you find that your SonicWall is crashing, please share the fix below for the next person who finds this article 🙂

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    ❗ UPDATE: My SonicWall crashed again yesterday and I think I’ve managed to fix it this time.

    I think what was happening is that the CPU on the SonicWall was overutilized and the SonicWall was becoming completely unresponsive. I think this was due to the Gateway Anti-Virus scanning incoming packets from the internet as usage (or hack attempts) increased throughout the day.

    To fix this, I turned off outgoing HTTP scanning, and scanning of both outgoing and incomming TCP streams. My SonicWall has not crashed since making this change. Fingers crossed 🙂

    If I don’t update this thread after today, you can assume that this fixed it!

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    … looks like this didn’t fix it. I’ll take this to SonicWall’s support and let you know how I get on.

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    ❗ Update: I have contacted SonicWall support who have suggested that I should update my firmware to the latest as there is no evidence in my SonicWall logs of having crashed. I updated my firmware yesterday and the SonicWall hasn’t crashed since. As before, I’ll message again if it crashes again, otherwise you can assume that this fixed it.

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