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      When trying to run a VB application, you get this error:

      Run-time error ‘326’

      Resource with identifier ‘VERSION’ not found

      Run-time error 326 happens when the application architecture is not designed properly and the application does not have permission to a resource that it’s trying to access. While this can be fixed by loosening the permissions to the directory that the resource can be found in, it’s better to architect the application correctly.

      If you wish to fix run-time error ‘326’ by loosening the NTFS permissions, you can do so by adding the Everyone group to the access permissions, with read, write and modify. From here you should find that the resource with identifier ‘VERSION’ no longer says it can’t be found and you can gradually tighten security access until you get error 326 again.

      Typically the permission required is to give the AD computer account object access to the resource. If you are operating in an enterprise, you can add the “Domain Computers” group to the resource’s NTFS permissions to work around the error.

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