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      I have a problem with Printer Installer Client, when I go to run it an error comes up:

      The client has not be configured and it does not know what website is your home page

      I have found the Printer Installer MSI and then from the CMD run msiexec /i PrinterInstallerClient.msi /qn HomeURL=

      However the Printer Installer version is the old version.

      Can you please advise where to go to get the correct printer installer.msi or how to fix this?

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      I found the answer:

      The Printer Installer Client should auto update when you connect to the website and try to do something. If you still have trouble, then uninstall the Printer Installer Client, reboot, launch the Printer Installer website and try to install a printer, it will then ask you to install the Printer Installer Client. Install the client, then try to install the printer again. This will point the client to the server and you’re done.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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