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    Today I got a random txt (SMS) message from a spambot, saying:

    Payment received

    When you go to the website, it looks like the BNZ website (or at least a mobile version).

    ❗ Warning: This txt message is a scam to steal your BNZ online banking password. Do not enter your password into this website. Don’t even visit this website in case the website gives you a virus.

    How do I know it’s a scam? Firstly it was a dodgy text. I’m not set up to receive such SMS messages when I receive payments, and what’s more, I don’t even bank with BNZ. Secondly, you can tell that is a scam from a technical point of view: The site doesn’t have an SSL certificate (banks ALWAYS have an SSL certificate to prove that they are who they say they are). Lastly, when I did a whois lookup on the bnzmobile domain, the ownership details were sketchy.

    I suppose if you are a BNZ customer, you will know that the bnz mobile website is actually

    General advice when dealing with electronic communications from banks and avoiding spam / scams: Don’t click on any links or open any attachments when you get a message that says it’s from a bank. If in doubt, contact the bank.

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