Is The Windows Defender Sufficient For Protecting A PC From Viruses?

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      I don’t have any anti virus installed in my pc with Windows 8. Is the default Windows Defender sufficient for protecting my system from trojans and viruses? If not, then please suggest to me which will be the best and the easy Windows Defender alternative to download free.

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      Yes, Windows Defender will secure your computer extremely well. See this article that clarifies the peculiarities :

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      I hear that Windows Defender doesn’t have the same level of security around preventing viruses from stopping it working, like Trend Micro does, for example. There is no uninstall password and it’s quite easy to disable the service and it won’t start up again.

      That being said, Windows Defender is certainly better than Norton 360… My friend had a virus on her PC that a fully paid up copy of Norton 360 couldn’t detect. Windows Defender picked it up straight away.

      Anyway, to answer your question, I don’t think that Windows Defender is sufficient for protecting a PC from viruses. These days the virus landscape is very different and it’s no longer sufficient to have just an antivirus product. You need the following to protect from zero day threats:

      • A decent firewall with intrusion prevention and the rest
      • Antispam software
      • A Good patching regime
      • Browser search protection to blacklist known bad sites

      I think that Windows Defender is a good piece of the puzzle though, but not sufficient to stop viruses on its own.

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      Since writing this, I do not think that Windows Defender is sufficient as an antivirus solution. I base this on the fact that it has failed to pick up viruses that have been picked up by other antivirus solutions on my home PC.

      I just don’t think that Windows Defender (at the current time of writing) is mature enough to compete with other antivirus solutions available on the market.

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