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      You may find that Internet Explorer Maintenance is now missing from group policy. Well you’re right, Internet Explorer Maintenance is missing from group policy as it was deprecated (I think in 2012?).

      You can now access these settings through group policy preferences or Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer.

      In my case, I can see from looking on the GPO settings tab that group policies are set in Internet Explorer Maintenance, but I can’t edit or remove them since the option is missing. It’s my belief that GPO settings in deprecated elements, such as Internet Explorer Maintenance aren’t set, but I need to confirm that this is correct. If you want to tidy your policy to remove the settings in the deprecated elements (which would be wise, so group policy reports are accurate in future), then you could either:

      • Manually edit the GPO to remove the Internet Explorer Maintenance settings
      • Make note of what is set in the GPO, create an identical GPO without the deprecated settings, apply it to the scope and delete the old GPO (preferred)

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