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    After updating the XML site list for Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode, IE doesn’t get the updated list. If the new site doesn’t show up in Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode, you can fix this by deleting the Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del in IE). After deleting the cache, restart IE and wait 65 seconds for Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode to read the new XML site list.

    ❗ Note: If you have added a new website to the XML site list, you must increment the rules version in the XML file for Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode to pick up that a new website has been added to the list.

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    I’ve found that the Enterprise Mode Site List can also not update if a user logs onto a new PC, with a roaming profile and the Enterprise Mode Site List cache doesn’t roam. Basically what happens is the user logs onto the PC, the registry setting that roams with the user part of the registry (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\EnterpriseMode\), but the Site List cache does not. Consequently, after starting IE 11 it checks the registry to see what version of the site list it has, sees that the number matches that of the server and doesn’t download the cache.

    To fix this scenario, ensure that you roam the cache with the user’s roaming profile or don’t roam the registry.

    This solution is appropriate for users of tools such as Flex+ or Appsense, where an administrator can specify which parts of the profile roam with the user.

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    Today I also learned that there are a few things that can cause the XML site list to not apply. Specifically these are if you specify ports, protocols (such as http://) or use query strings (such as putting & characters) in the XML rules.

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