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      Can someone please help me figure out why my computer is displaying the wrong time?

      I’ve just set up a new computer for the first time with Windows 8.1. On install I chose the relevant time zone (UTC +12:00 Auckland, Wellington).

      I have noticed that upon completion of the installation, my clock is now showing 1:07PM when the time is actually 2:11PM (an hour slow). Because it is showing an hour difference I suspected it could be a daylight saving issue.

      What I’ve done to try and fix the problem:
      I went into Control Panel/Date and Time and verified the Time Zone was correct according to what I first entered it. It is definitely still (UTC+12:00) Auckland, Wellington. It is set to go forward on the 28th of September for Daylight Savings.
      I also checked the Internet Time, it set to automatically synchronize server. However just to make sure I updated this manually but the time is still wrong.

      I know I could change the time manually, but I’m hesitating to do that because I want to know exactly why the clock display is wrong in the first place. It seems like a simple problem but I’ve checked all the usual places and I can’t see anything wrong.

      Your help to fix the problem would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      It was probably just wrong in the BIOS when it arrived. Just change the clock to the correct time and you’ll be fine 🙂

      If it’s a domain joined computer you’ll need it to be within 5 minutes of the domain controllers time, otherwise it won’t sync the time with the domain controller.

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        I have already manually changed it. 🙂
        I was obviously looking for complicated fix for a simple problem.
        Thank you.

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