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      Bandwidth throttling of FTP in IIS isn’t great. To throttle the bandwidth of FTP in IIS, the FTP must be published through the website – you can’t throttle an FTP site on it’s own.

      To throttle the bandwidth of FTP in IIS:

      1. Open IIS
      2. Select the website that is publishing the FTP you wish to throttle
      3. In the Action pane (right hand side pane), under Configure click Limits
      4. Tick the box to limit bandwidth usage
      5. Enter the number of bytes you wish to limit the bandwidth usage to. I assume that this is in Bps 😕
      6. Click OK

      The bandwidth of the FTP published site should now be throttled to the amount you specified.

      ❗ Addendum: The bandwidth throttling in IIS is in Bytes / second and has to be at least 1024, which is 1Mbps (roughly).

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