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      When you try to visit a website, you get this message:

      Website blocked by Trend Micro OfficeScan

      Malicious website blocked

      Rating: Untested. Rating in progress.

      What You Can Do:
      Contact your administrator about security settings on your network

      In this example, the website is blocked because Trend Micro OfficeScan is set to block websites that are untested (unrated). The best way to fix this is to go to and enter the URL, then submit a request to rerate the website. I regard this as the best option because Trend Micro will apply their security tests on the website and it can be scanned without an administrator compromising their own machine to test the website.

      :!:Note: While it’s not a required field, if you don’t enter a valid email address, Trend Micro don’t seem to bother rerating the website.

      It’s also worth noting that rerating takes a few hours. If you don’t have a few hours to wait while Trend Micro check the website out and confirm you’ve suggested the correct category, you can contact your administrator about security settings on your network.

      If you are an administrator, you can unblock the website from the Trend Micro OfficeScan Console. To do this, navigate to Agents -> Agent Management. Next right click the group of computers that you want to unblock the website for and click Settings -> Web Reputation Settings. Scroll down to Approved/Blocked URL List and tick Enable approved/blocked list. Enter the URL and click Add to Approved List, then click Save.

      :!:Note: You’ll have to add the URL in several formats. Generally I advise the following:


      This unblocks most forms of the URL, you may wish to tailor this to only open certain forms of the URL or just certain webpages.

      Finally, on the uses computer, right click the Trend Micro OfficeScan icon in the notification area and click Update now to have the computer download the new security policy.

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