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    Since there’s no point in a screensaver on Kindle (because E-Ink doesn’t get screen burn), I decided to turn off the Kindle screen saver. To turn off the screen saver on Kindle:

    1. Press the Home button
    2. Press the Keyboard button
    3. Type ;debugOn then press enter
    4. Type ~disableScreensaver then press enter
    5. Type ;debugOff then press enter

    You get no confirmation off disabling the screensaver and might have to press the keyboard button after each command you enter if the keyboard disappears.

    This disables the screensaver on Kindle 3 and 4. To re-enable the screen saver, do the same, but with the ~resumeScreensaver command.

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    Unfortunately the screensaver is re-enabled if the Kindle reboots. I was trying to use this to revive a Kindle 3 which had the power switch broken. The power switch only switches in and out of screen saver mode. Every time the Kindle resets – either due to the battery draining or a freeze up when browsing etc it re-enables the screen saver.
    It would be necessary to either attach a start up script to the boot procedure or modify the boot procedure to ensure that the screen saver is not re-started.

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    Kind of a new thread, but I wonder if it’s possible to rebuild the operating system on the Kindle to fix your issue?

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