How to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Slowness or Freezing?

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      My system with windows 7 showing “freezing” or “really slow”. How should I troubleshoot this issue. Please guide me steps to troubleshoot this slowness..

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      Troubleshooting Windows 7 freezing and being slow is quite different. Is Windows 7 freezing (becoming unresponsive) or just going slow?

      If it’s just going slow, is it during the use of certain applications or as soon as you boot up Windows 7?

      Try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Esc to show theTask Manager and clicking on the Performance tab. Do you have issues with CPU, RAM or something else such as disk or network?

      If you have CPU or memory issues, you can use the Processes tab to see what process is using all the CPU / memory and troubleshoot the application at fault from there. If it’s just generally slow, maybe you need more RAM or a faster computer?

      If this doesn’t highlight the problem you can use perfmon to see other performance counters to help you troubleshoot the slowness.

      If Windows 7 is freezing, what’s freezing? Is it when you run a particular program or as soon as Windows boots? Have you recently installed a new driver, piece of hardware or Windows update?

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