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    Did you know you can show the progress of an upload or download in the Windows FTP command line utility? To show the progress of file transfers in the Windows command line FTP client, simply type ftp in the command prompt to enter the FTP utility, then type hash then enter.

    This will then say “Hash mark printing On”, followed by a note on how many bytes must be transferred over before displaying a hash mark to show the progress.

    ❗ Addendum:
    There is a better way to the display progress of FTP transfer in the command line. Instead of typing hash, type tick instead. Tick is better (in my opinion) because instead of displaying a progress bar style of hash marks (with no easy way to see how much further it has to go), it will output a message telling you how many bytes have been transferred every 10KB.
    This option doesn’t seem to be available in the Windows 10 FTP command line client.

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