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      Did you know you can show your entire desktop with Google Chromecast, not just the Chrome browser window? To show your entire desktop through Chromecast:

      1. Open the Google Chrome browser
      2. Click the Chromecast extension (Google Cast) icon, as if you were going to cast your browser session
      3. Where it says Cast this tab to…, to the right of this there is a very small drop down arrow. Click the dropdown arrow and select Cast entire screen (experimental)
      4. Click on your Chromecast device under the dropdown arrow to begin casting your entire desktop
      5. You will then get the following message:

        Google Cast Screen Sharing Request

        Do you want Google Cast to share your screen and audio output?

        Click Yes to cast your desktop through Chromecast

      Your entire desktop will now be sent to Google Chromecast, instead of just the contents of the Chrome browser.

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